Beach of Castricum Aan Zee

To the beach

Beach of Castricum

How do you reach the beach and what are the rules

All year round you are welcome on the beach of Castricum by the sea. On the beach you will find several fixed and seasonal beach pavilions and a water sports center. To keep the beach for everyone, there are a number of rules. These rules are not always the same and sometimes change during the busy summer season. Are you helping to keep our beach clean and safe? Keep to the rules and do not leave any mess on the beach.

You can of course walk or bike to the beach. You can also reach the beach by car. In the summer months you can also take the bus to the beach. This bus departs from it Railway station. Consult Connexion for the correct bus times.

Public bicycle pitches

After a nice bike ride along the sea route towards the beach of Castricum you will find bike stalls at the top of the kluft. You can place your bicycle there free of charge. It is a public space with plenty of space for cycling. There is no permanent supervision of the bicycle parking place.

Paid parking

Are you coming to the beach by car? Then you can pay parking on a large parking lot with parking spaces for about 1,700 cars. The parking lot is not of the municipality of Castricumbut of one private company.

View the here parking fees for your car or look here for one year card parking at Castricum aan zee.

14 disabled parking spaces

There are 14 disabled parking spaces close to the beach. You do not have to pay for parking at these places, but in some places a parking disc is required. There are 7 parking places where you can park the whole day and 7 parking spaces where a parking disc is mandatory. Here you can stand for 3 hours. You must then use your disabled parking card and a parking disc. Look in the parking lot so well on the signs.

Look here for the costs and requesting a disabled parking card.

Parking with parking disc

From 1 November to 14 March, everyone can park their car at one of the 7 parking places where a parking disc is needed. Do not forget to use your parking disc!

Sociability on the beach

Beach pavilions

On the beach of Castricum you will find several beach pavilions where you can eat or drink something. It is also possible to organize your wedding or other party here. If you want a beautiful wedding location, the beach pavilions at Castricum aan Zee are the ideal place. See here an overview of all beach pavilions of Castricum Aan Zee.

No campfire

No campfire! It is forbidden on the entire beach of Castricum to light a campfire. Even if you have brought wood from home, or you think that the fire is manageable, it simply is not allowed!

Well a barbecue

What is allowed is to prepare food, so use a barbecue. Use your common sense in doing so. For example, on a crowded beach on a summer day it is not such a good idea. Also note that the barbecue does not 'accidentally' grow into a campfire (a campfire with a sausage on it is still not a barbecue) and that the fire is extinguished when you leave the beach. Of course you ensure that no mess remains on the beach.

Sailing on the water

There are also traffic rules on the water. The police also check on the water.

Fast boat? Older than 18 and requires a boat license

A motorboat that can sail faster than 20 kilometers per hour, can only be driven by someone who is older than 18 years and has a certificate. Children between 12 and 16 years old can only drive a motorboat that can not go faster than 13 kilometers per hour. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to drive a motorboat.

Watch your speed

  • The maximum speed on the water is 16 kilometers per hour. Within the marked shipping channels you may not be faster than 12 kilometers per hour, unless stated otherwise. On the water of the De Deilings high-speed area, the maximum speed is 20 kilometers per hour.

Mooring on a public grass bank

Mooring is only allowed on a public grass bank. Not at locks, bridges, curves and on ecological banks.

No alcohol in traffic

It is forbidden to drink alcohol on the water.

Clean up your waste

Do you enjoy the water? Then make sure that you can enjoy it even longer. Do not throw waste in the water or on the ground. Keep it and throw it in a bin if you go ashore again.

Sports on the beach

Flying a kite

It is not allowed to fly kites for the pavilions.

Fishing from the beach and at sea

From 1 October to 1 May, it is allowed to fish from the beach for recreational purposes. It is allowed to fish at sea all year round, but it is not allowed to bring a vessel to the beach. Many fish lovers are affiliated with Sea fishing club De Salamander. This association and the associated boat club is a narrow strip of beach assigned for the transport of boats across the beach to the surf, this strip is marked with black and white checkered flags.

Kitesurfing and windsurfing

The whole year can be surfed, but not for the pavilions. Pay attention to the other guests on the beach and pay attention to your own safety and that of others.

Beach houses and overnight

Spend the night on the beach

It is only allowed to spend the night on the beach in a commercial home belonging to a beach pavilion or in a beach cabin that complies with the safety regulations. All other possibilities are therefore not allowed. By 'staying overnight on the beach' we mean staying on the beach between 24.00 and 6.00 am 'with the obvious intention of spending the night' in the open air, in a tent, in a locker room or in a house that does not meet the requirements. the safety instructions.

Read all about it here Rent or Buy Beach Houses Castricum Aan Zee

Do you want to stay overnight? Arrange a beach house

For information about staying in the beach houses, please contact beach pavilion Bad Noord. Or check the website of the Vereniging Strandhuisjes Castricum

Dogs and horses on the beach

Dogs and horses are allowed on the beach:

  • from 1 October to 30 April: all day
  • from 1 May to 30 September: only before 10 am and after 7 pm.

This also applies if the dog is on a leash and also if it is not a beach weather. You are obliged to clean up droppings from your dog or horse.

Dog can go to beach house

Those who stay in a beach house can take the dog with them, but only on the boarders. Between 10.00 and 19.00 the beach to the west of the walking path is also forbidden for these dogs. This also applies to the dogs of visitors to a beach pavilion.

Accessibility on the beach

Two beach wheelchairs available

Are you dependent on a wheelchair and do you want to spend a day at the beach of Castricum? During the beach season two beach wheelchairs are available. A bee beach pavilion Zoomers, directly to the right of the (main) beach exit and one at beach pavilion De Deining, 50 meters to the right from the (main) beach exit.

Reserve a beach wheelchair

It is recommended to book a beach chair, but even if you have not done so the wheelchairs can be used in consultation. 'We always arrange that', says a staff member from one of the pavilions. If you use the beach wheelchair, it is necessary to leave an identity card or driving license as a deposit.

Naked on the beach

If you want to enjoy a day of pure nature from a wonderful summer day on the beach, you can do that too. Nudist recreation on the beach is allowed on a certain part of the beach. You can recreate naked between beach post 46.00 and 47.85. This area is not signposted on the beach itself. This part of the beach is also not formally designated as a nudist beach. In principle, this is not necessary. As long as there is no violation of public order, sun worshipers decide for themselves whether they recreate with or without textiles. On the naturist beach are also no facilities such as beach tents, first aid, toilets, showers etc. Dogs are also not allowed here in the high season.

Safety on the beach of Castricum

Castricum has a clean and safe beach

In Castricum the Blue Flag is flying, this flag is an international quality mark for clean and safe beaches. Castricum must meet a large number of criteria, for example the quality of the bathing water, good facilities on the beach, the presence of a first aid post, rescue equipment and facilities for disabled people.

Rescue brigade and first aid

In the summer season the post of the Castricumse Reddingsbrigade and the first aid post is on the beach.

Note the beach flag

The beach flag indicates whether it is safe to swim.

  • A yellow flag indicates that the sea is dangerous. Untrained swimmers and children would better not go swimming.
  • A red flag indicates that it is forbidden to swim because the sea is dangerous.
  • A white flag with a question mark indicates that a child is missing or that a child has lost parents or escorts. The person who has lost a child on the beach or the person who finds a child that his or her parents or escorts can no longer find, can report to the rescue brigade.

The yellow flag: It is dangerous to bathe or swim. Usually this has to do with the weather. Floating objects are forbidden.

The red flag: It is forbidden to bathe or swim.

The question mark flag: Someone who has been lost has been found and is at the first aid post.

No vessels, vehicles, bicycles and blokarts on the beach

It is not allowed to bring boats on the beach, whether they come from the beach or the sea. By 'vessels' we also mean watercraft. Watercraft and fast boats are not allowed to come within a kilometer of the coast. The members of the boats' association are allowed to transport their vessels to the water via a narrow strip of beach, this strip is indicated by black and white checkered flags.

  • Vehicles only with exemption
    Vehicles (cars, motorcycles, tractors, quads, covered wagons etc.) do not belong on the beach. Only if the driver has an exemption is it allowed to drive on the beach from 1 April to 1 November before 10 a.m. and after 6 p.m. Out of season these 'window times' also apply on Sundays and public holidays.
  • No block physician
    Blokarts (sailing cars) are not allowed on the beach.
  • No bikes on the beach
    From 1 May to 1 October, cyclists are only welcome on the beach before 10 a.m. and after 7 p.m. Cycling is allowed throughout the day outside the summer season.

Supervisor on the beach of Castricum

Beach supervisor Theo Kraan supervises the safety of the beach and keeps an eye on all activities going well together.

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