Bakkum is a village that is part of the North Holland municipality of Castricum.

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Atelier Marina & Sabrina Closed nowOpens on Friday at 13:00

Atelier Marina & Sabrina

Visit Atelier Marina and Sabrina in Bakkum municipality Castricum

Location: Van Oldenbarneveldweg 32, 1901 KB Castricum, the NetherlandsWebsite: 06-29493151

Camping Bakkum

Camping Bakkum is located in the beautiful North Holland Dune Reserve. You can enjoy the coast, the dunes and the forest.

Location: Zeeweg 31, 1901 NZ Castricum, the NetherlandsWebsite: https://www.campingbakkum.nlPhone: 0251-661091

Music school Miranda Zuurbier

Welcome to Muziekschool Miranda Zuurbier About Music school Miranda Zuurbier I am a singer,

Location: Van Renesselaan 15, Castricum, the NetherlandsWebsite: http://www.mirandazuurbier.nlPhone: 0251-653071
Strandhuisjes Castricum Aan Zee Closed nowOpens at 10:00 today

Beach houses Castricum Aan Zee

In the beautiful and luxuriously furnished Jack's Casino Akersloot you can play an exciting game.

Location: Vlewoseweg, 1901 Castricum, the NetherlandsWebsite: 0251-656244
Strandpaviljoen Bad Noord Closed nowOpens at 09:00 today

Beach pavilion Bad Noord

Bad Noord is the beach pavilion of Castricum aan Zee where you get good value for money.

Location: Vlewoseweg, 1901 Castricum, the NetherlandsWebsite: 0251-656244
Hotel Huize Koningsbosch & Restaurant Aan het Bosch Closed nowOpens at 07:00 today

Hotel Huize Koningsbosch & Restaurant Aan het Bosch

Huize Koningsbosch is situated on the edge of the North Holland Dune Reserve, less than 3.5 km from the beach of Castricum and Bakkum.

Location: Heereweg 84, 1901 ME Castricum, the NetherlandsWebsite: 0251-860385
Biodanza in Bakkum Closed nowOpens on Thursday at 19:45

Biodanza in Bakkum

Biodanza takes you to celebrate life. The goal of Biodanza is to increase the quality of your life.

Location: Oude Parklaan 106, Castricum, the NetherlandsWebsite: http://www.biodanzabakkum.nlPhone: 0630193057

Your listing here too?

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Location: Castricum, the NetherlandsWebsite: 0251-756827

Bakkumse Streekmarkt

Discover the nicest and cosiest market stalls at the Summer market Castricum.

Location: Bakkum, the NetherlandsWebsite:

Restaurant Apicius

Michelin star restaurant Apicius is located in the middle of the North-Holland Bakkum.

Location: Van der Mijleweg 16, 1901 KD Castricum, the NetherlandsWebsite: 0251-676760

Duinboerderij ZeeVELD

Duinboerderij ZeeVELD is a rare group accommodation beautifully situated in the outskirts of Castricum.

Location: Noorderstraat 2, 1901 MT Castricum, the NetherlandsWebsite: Contact via website

Jacobshoeve Bakkum

The BenB Jacobshoeve in Bakkum is near the beach, dune, forest and field

Location: Bleumerweg 49, 1901 MJ Castricum, the NetherlandsWebsite: 06-11861984

Strandpaviljoen Club Zand

Strandpaviljoen Club Zand is a laidback beach pavilion on the beach of Castricum aan Zee.

Location: Zeeweg 70, 1901 NZ Castricum, the NetherlandsWebsite: 0251-658161
Strandpaviljoen Zeezicht Closed nowOpens at 09:00 today

Beach pavilion Sea view

At Strandpaviljoen Zeezicht on the terrace and in the fresh and modern restaurant you can look out over the beach and sea from almost anywhere.

Location: Zeeweg 50, 1901 NZ Castricum, the NetherlandsWebsite: 0251-652855

Pluktuin Bakkum

Normally you get a bunch of flowers at the local florist or on the market. You can put together a bouquet yourself at the picking garden.

Location: Limmerweg 5C Bakkum, the NetherlandsWebsite: 06-20438342

Camping De Polle

De Polle is located in Bakkum Noord, this belongs to the municipality of Castricum.

Location: Zuiderdijkje 5, 1901 MR Castricum, the NetherlandsWebsite: 072-5052278

Camping Het Zonnige Veld

The campsite is located in Bakkum-Noord between Castricum and Egmond. On the edge of the North Holland Dune Reserve.

Location: Heereweg 105a, 1901 MC Castricum, the NetherlandsWebsite: 06 20309020

Farm campsite Sleutelhoeve

Pieter and his staff welcome you warmly to his mini campsite Sleutelhoeve.

Location: Bleumerweg 20, 1901 MJ Castricum, the NetherlandsWebsite: 06-83034141

Camping De Hooiberg

Camping De Hooiberg is located in Bakkum (municipality of Castricum) in the middle of nature and close to the village center of Castricum.

Location: Bleumerweg 12, 1901 MJ Castricum, the NetherlandsWebsite: 0251-651387

Bike rental & bike rides in Castricum

You can relax in the beautiful forest and dunes that the municipality Castricum has to offer.

Location: Akersloot, the NetherlandsWebsite: