Discover the beautiful historic sights of Castricum, Bakkum, Limmen, Akersloot and De Woude.

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Atelier Marina & Sabrina Closed nowOpens at 13:00 today

Atelier Marina & Sabrina

Visit Atelier Marina and Sabrina in Bakkum municipality Castricum

Location: Van Oldenbarneveldweg 32, 1901 KB Castricum, the NetherlandsWebsite: 06-29493151

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Location: Castricum, the NetherlandsWebsite: 0251-756827

House of Hilde

Welcome to House of Hilde In House of Hilde is always something to do In the heart of House of Hilde

Location: Westerplein, Castricum, the NetherlandsWebsite: http://www.huisvanhilde.nlPhone: 023-514 32 47
Korenmolen De Oude Knegt Closed nowOpens at 10:00 tomorrow

Flour mill De Oude Knegt

De Korenmolen The Oude Knegt is still a working flour mill and is located on the Pontjesroute close to the bicycle junction 55 in Akersloot.

Location: Pontweg Noord 2a, 1921 CB Akersloot, the NetherlandsWebsite: 0251-33603752

Polder pumping Limmen 1879

At the location where the Zuidermolen was built in the 19th century, the Limmen polder pumping station was built in 1879.

Location: Fielkerweg, 1921 HA Akersloot, Castricum, the NetherlandsWebsite: 0251-654142

Foundation Hortus Bulborum Limmen

Hortus Bulborum, the only garden in the world, where more than 4000 different spring bulbs have been collected.

Location: Zuidkerkenlaan 23A, 1906 AC Limmen, the NetherlandsWebsite:
Stichting Werkgroep Oud-Castricum Closed nowOpens on Monday at 19:30

Foundation Working Group Oud-Castricum

The Stichting Werkgroep Oud-Castricum has existed since 1967 and is maintained by a group of enthusiastic volunteers.

Location: Geversweg 1B, 1901 NW Castricum, the NetherlandsWebsite: 0251-671643

Papenberg Castricum

De Papenberg offers a view over Castricum and the surrounding area. Recognizable points are the Grote Kerk of Alkmaar and the sailing boats on the Uitgeestermeer.

Location: Onderlangs 3, 1901 NE Castricum, the NetherlandsWebsite:

Art bunker Castricum

The Art Bunker at Castricum was an art depot where art treasures such as "The Night Watch" were stored during the Second World War.

Location: Helmweg Castricum, the NetherlandsWebsite:
Tuin van Kapitein Rommel Closed nowOpens at 09:30 today

Garden of Captain Rommel

The Garden of Captain Rommel: not just a Garden, but one that is filled with all sorts of activities!

Location: Garden of Captain Rommel 2, 1901 DZ Castricum, the NetherlandsWebsite: 0251-672356
Bezoekerscentrum De Hoep Closed nowOpens at 10:00 today

Visitor center De Hoep

Visitor center De Hoep in Castricum is one of the most beautiful places in North Holland.

Location: Johanna's Weg 7, 1901 NX Castricum, the NetherlandsWebsite: 0251-661066

Beach discovery museum

The Strandvondstenmuseum is located at the most beautiful spot of Castricum, next to the entrance to the Zanderij.

Location: Geversweg 2a, 1901 NW Castricum, the NetherlandsWebsite: 06 22923226
Kinderboerderij ‘t Dierenduintje Closed nowOpens at 11:00 today

Children's farm 't Dierenduintje

In June 2001 the foundation 't Dierenduintje was established. The foundation is committed to the preservation of nature.

Location: Duinenboschweg 1a, 1901 NR Castricum, the NetherlandsWebsite: www.dierenduintje.nlPhone: 0251-671343