Discover all the fun activities in Castricum Bakkum Limmen Akersloot and De Woude. Throughout the year there are plenty of fun and fun activities that you can undertake with friends and family.

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Summer market Castricum

Discover the nicest and cosiest market stalls at the Summer market Castricum.

Location: Castricum, the NetherlandsWebsite:
Tafeltennis Vereniging Castricum Closed nowOpens at 14:00 today

Table Tennis Association Castricum

Welcome to Table Tennis Association Castricum About Table Tennis Association Castricum At Table Tennis

Location: Gobatstraat 12A, 1902 DG Castricum, the NetherlandsWebsite: 0251-679022
Biodanza in Bakkum Closed nowOpens on Thursday at 19:45

Biodanza in Bakkum

Biodanza takes you to celebrate life. The goal of Biodanza is to increase the quality of your life.

Location: Oude Parklaan 106, Castricum, the NetherlandsWebsite: http://www.biodanzabakkum.nlPhone: 0630193057

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Do you also want such a nice entry on You can arrange that right now! Click here for more information.

Location: Castricum, the NetherlandsWebsite: 0251-756827

House of Hilde

Welcome to House of Hilde In House of Hilde is always something to do In the heart of House of Hilde

Location: Westerplein, Castricum, the NetherlandsWebsite: http://www.huisvanhilde.nlPhone: 023-514 32 47

Jacobshoeve Bakkum

The BenB Jacobshoeve in Bakkum is near the beach, dune, forest and field

Location: Bleumerweg 49, 1901 MJ Castricum, the NetherlandsWebsite: 06-11861984

Stampin Spirit independent demonstrator Stampin 'Up!

Stampin 'Up gives cozy workshops and from September there are again creative crop mornings.

Location: Delving, Akersloot, the NetherlandsWebsite:

Foundation Bloemendagen Limmen

The Bloemendagen Foundation organizes the traditional Flower Days every year.

Location: Westerweg 62A, 1906 EG Limmen, The NetherlandsWebsite: http://www.bloemendagenlimmen.nlPhone: 06-33676871

Oxygen Segway

Oxygen Segway is part of Oxygen Events in Castricum

Location: Mient 109, Castricum, the NetherlandsWebsite: 06-53969855

Brewery Dampegheest

At Brewery Dampegheest in North Holland we brew 'skoftig' tasty specialty beers.

Location: Achterweg 22, 1906 AG Limmen, the NetherlandsWebsite: 06-51940176

Solex Rentals Akersloot

A wonderful day with friends, family or colleagues touring on such a bright Solex.

Location: Kerklaan 18, 1921 BL Akersloot, The NetherlandsWebsite: 0251-312866

Foundation Hortus Bulborum Limmen

Hortus Bulborum, the only garden in the world, where more than 4000 different spring bulbs have been collected.

Location: Zuidkerkenlaan 23A, 1906 AC Limmen, the NetherlandsWebsite:

Pluktuin Bakkum

Normally you get a bunch of flowers at the local florist or on the market. You can put together a bouquet yourself at the picking garden.

Location: Limmerweg 5C Bakkum, the NetherlandsWebsite: 06-20438342

Gliding EZZC

The EZZC has been flying in the beautiful dune area at Castricum since the 1950s, but the club was founded in 1936.

Location: Bredeweg, 1901 Castricum, the NetherlandsWebsite: http://www.ezzc.nlPhone: 0251-651626

Canoeing & Canoe rental

You can enjoy beautiful canoeing on camping the book, through the beautiful nature area of ​​Akersloot.

Location: Boekel 22, 1921 CE Akersloot, the NetherlandsWebsite: 072-5330109

Bike rental & bike rides in Castricum

You can relax in the beautiful forest and dunes that the municipality Castricum has to offer.

Location: Akersloot, the NetherlandsWebsite:

Forest & Dune walks in Castricum

You can relax in the beautiful forest and dunes that the municipality of Castricum has to offer.

Location: Johanna's Weg 7, 1901 NX Castricum, the NetherlandsWebsite:

Swimming pool and sauna De Witte Brug

Swimming pool and sauna The white bridge is a cozy, versatile swimming and recreation pool.

Location: Jacob Rensdorpstraat 1, 1901 RG Castricum, the NetherlandsWebsite: 0251-653144