Auticafe Kennemerland in Castricum

09/11/2018 from 7:45 PM - 10:45 PM
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Juliana van Stolbergschool - entrance via the schoolyard
Juliana van Stolbergstraat 3
1901 CE Castricum
The Netherlands
Erika Olsthoorn-van Os
Auticafe Kennemerland in Castricum @ Juliana van Stolbergschool – ingang via het schoolplein | Castricum | Noord-Holland | Nederland

Autism in girls and women

Tonight's speaker is Jellienke Winters - Coach & experience expert.

Jellienke is a coach in personal development, specifically for people with autism. She does this under the name Asspire. Jellienke focuses on people with autism with normal to high giftedness. She herself has been diagnosed with Asperger. That is why she has a warm heart for this target group. Jellienke has her own coaching practice in Amersfoort and she gives Job Coaching at organizations. She also holds Autism sessions under the name ASK me.


Tonight she will discuss the topic of autism in women.
Why is autism in women so difficult to recognize?
What are the differences between men and women with autism?
Furthermore she will tell which characteristics of autism she recognizes in herself and support this with examples from her own life.

- After the lecture there is time to answer your questions.
- during the break you can meet the speaker in person.
- By the end of the program there is a possibility for you as a visitor to speak "1 minute" about autism-related topics.
- In the back of the room there is a folder and book table.

Upon arrival you will receive a survey form. Would you like to fill in this form for us during the evening? We use your feedback for evaluation purposes and can extract information for our future meetings.

19:45 - walk in with coffee and tea. 20:00 - opening
20:05 - Start program - Speaker: Jellienke Winters
21:00 - break
21:15 - continuation program 22:00 - Questions
22:10 - 1 minute (s) of talk time
22:15 - Closing
22:20 - Taking survey forms, drinks and opportunity to talk after 22:45 - End

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